YouTube and Law Enforcement

YouTube is a veritable smorgasbord of instructional videos for law enforcement. I use it on a regular basis to illustrate a point during classes. Sometimes the videos point out good or bad behavior on the part of the police officers and we can learn from someone else’s mistakes. But it is also a tool used by law enforcement and that in particular and the brave new world of interactive internet is something that I have tried to bring in to the discussion.

In a 2007 article in Law Enforcement Technology, Jonathan Kozlowski describes ways in which user created web content can be used both to deliver law enforcement’s message and as an investigative tool.

It’s worth a look.

One thought on “YouTube and Law Enforcement

  1. Police work is yet another example of how the YouTube phenomenon can provide productive applications in the real world. (This continues to surprise me, given all the trivial uses that YouTube normally gets.) It becomes a powerful way to get messages out to the public. Combined with RSS it can be very efficient.

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